On-line edition 10.21858/msr.25 - Mazowsze Studia Regionalne

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DOI: 10.21858/msr.25
Number: 2018/25
Część I. Analizy i Studia / Part. I Analyses and Studies
Przemysław Śleszyński, Forecasting demographic processes for spatial planning needs. The case of the Konstancin-Jeziorna municipality
DOI: 10.21858/msr.25.01
p.: 13
Mieczysław Kochanowski, Katarzyna Donimirska; The variable fate of the settlement network of the Mazovia region (including the Warsaw Metropolitan Area)
DOI: 10.21858/msr.25.02
p.: 29
Jerzy Bański, Development challenges in rural areas in the Mazovieckie Voivodeship
DOI: 10.21858/msr.25.03
p.: 45
Witold Andrzej Werner, The social function of property in spatial planning
DOI: 10.21858/msr.25.04
p.: 61
Alina Maciejewska, Agnieszka Turek; The process of urban renewal and its importance in the implementation of spatial policy in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship
DOI: 10.21858/msr.25.05
p.: 71
Część II. Samorząd / Part II. Self government
Adam Struzik, The implementation of development policy in Mazovia in 1998–2018
DOI: 10.21858/msr.25.06
p.: 93
Część III. Varia / Part III. Miscellaneous
DOI: 10.21858/msr.25.07
p.: 117
DOI: 10.21858/MSR.25.08
p.: 125
DOI: 10.21858/msr.25.09
p.: 131